2013 Great Talk - Marie-Ann Wachtmeister


Presentation of Great Talks
More than golf lovers’ women ASBL, Women In Business wants to gather together influence women from Luxembourg by organizing course of lecture which will highlight Women role in the actual business world.

As Women In Business want to have another opportunity to meet during the year; these talks sessions will be the perfect place to network, to share and to think together about how to continue to develop the woman image in the Luxembourgish business market.
The second edition of “Great Talks”
The last year, on February 29th 2012, Emery Doligé, Vanksen France CEO shared his view on the following topic “Does the Internet revolution follow the feminine evolution?”
The second edition of the “Women in Business Great Talks” conference will welcome as a guest speaker : Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, a young Swedish businesswoman. She will talk about a “Changing career for freedom and Passion”.
After holding prominent positions in large business groups (Procter & Gamble, McKinsey.), Marie-Anne chose an entrepreneurial path and founded some companies of which Telavox (telecom) and Zitha Consulting, her own management consulting firm. Very recently she developed a new concept of rings with interchangeable gem-stones: the EGO Collection…
The conference will be in French and in English, and it will take place on May 13th 2013. It will also be followed by a walking dinner.
So let’s save the date on your agenda as from now!
Practical information :
Advance payment 75€
To be paid on the account:
BLUX IBAN LU11 0081 4999 3900 1003
with the mention WiB GTalk 2013 & Name + Firstname
The entry fee will wholly go to the “Toutes à L’école Luxembourg” association.
Venue: Golf Grand Ducal Luxembourg
Date and opening hour: on May 13th 2013 at 18.30.
Contact: info@womeninbusiness.lu
Organisers: Marie-Jeanne Chèvremont-Lorenzini, Michèle Gosselin, Valérie Arnold, Cécile Lorenzini and Isabelle Durand
*the conference will be in French and in English.